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Welcome to Executive World Fitness Association (EWFA). EWFA is an exclusive private fitness organization which offers services to corporations, businesses & studios, as well as, private homes. EWFA provides CPR, AED, First Aid & Safety classes; Personal Fitness Training Services; Life-Style Change Recommendations; and Fitness Seminars.


Snake Blocker, CPT, CAI, CSN "Trainer of Champions" 303-638-5680

Exclusive Owner - Executive World Fitness (1994-Present)

Regional Corp Service Supervisor - Nautilus Aerobic Plus/Bally's Total Fitness (1992-1994)

Responsible for 9 Bally's health clubs in Southern California (1992-1994).

Operations Manager of the Month (AUG 1992 & SEP 1992) - Presented by Nautilus Aerobics Plus

100% Class Coverage Awards, Received from Bally Total Fitness, Presented by Rita K. Nelson (Aerobic Competition World Champion), OCT 1994, NOV 1994

1995 Bronze Medal - National Aerobics Championship (NAC California Regionals). Trained with Christopher Riles, NAC Trainer

Company Community Service Awards:
1. County of Los Angeles
2. Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
3. California State Senate
4. United States of America Member of Congress
5. California State Assembly/California Legislature
6. Who's Who Historic Society-Who's Who in Entrepereneurs, Boston, MA (2001/2002)
7. National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals, Babylon, New York (1998/1999) (NRWWEP book page 668)
8. Recognition of Leadership & Service Awards, Presented by Aerobic Pipeline International (API), AUG 1995, MAR 1995
9. "Dance for Heart" Certificate of Appreciation Award, Presented by American Heart Association (AHA), JUN 1992
10.Certificate of Appreciation Award, Presented by American Heart Association (AHA), 26 JUN 1994
11.Pasadena Weekly 1992 & 1993 Winner "Best Aerobics" (for Bally's Nautilus Plus) Presented to Snake Blocker (Aerobic Cooridantor-2 years running) by Pasadena Weekly, James P. Laris, Publisher.

Presidential Fitness Award Certificate - Aerobic Dance
Presidential Fitness Award Certificate - Weight Training
'Abs on Fire' video produced by COX Communications
US Navy Physical Training Test - Outstanding [Scores]

Snake also trained the 1995 5th Place Miss Fitness, Tara Brady, and the 1996 4th Place Miss Fitness winners, "Tiffany."

Personal Fitness Trainer/Weight Room Trainer Certifications:
1. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 1994, Buffalo, NY
2. American Council on Exercise (ACE) #T17653
3. Aerobic & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) RTCI #352-8
4. Aerobic Pipeline International (API)
5. International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)
6. American Aerobic Association International (AAAI)
7. International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)
8. Executive World Fitness Association (EWFA) PT1928374, Boston, MA

Aerobic Instructor Certifications:

1. American Council on Exercise (ACE) #F45406 Feb. 1994
2. Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) #947311
3. Aerobic Pipeline International (API)

Sports Nutritionist Certifications:
1. International Correspondence Schools (ICS)
2. International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)
3. International Sports Science Association (ISSA)

American Red Cross (ARC) & American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor Certifications:
Instructor courses:
1. Olympic Sports Safety Instructor (Sports Safety Training Supplement) (American Red Cross) 18 June 1997 [Los Angeles Chapter]
2. Community First Aid & Safety Instructor (American Red Cross) 03 Feb. 1996, 1999 [Los Angeles Chapter]
3. Work Place Training (WPT): Standard First Aid (American Red Cross) 31 December 2000 [Los Angeles Chapter] 
4. CPR (Adult/Child/Infant/Community) Instructor/Instructor Candidate Training (American Red Cross) 23 Jan 1996 [Los Angeles Chapter]
5. CPR/AED: Basic Life Support Instructor (American Heart Association) Mar 1994 [Arizona Region], Oct 1994 [Beverly Hills Region], 8 Mar 2003 [Western Region CA TC 1384]
6. CPR: Basic Life Support/Pediatric Basic Life Support Instructor (American Heart Association) Mar 1995 [Western Region] 
7. CPR/AED: Basic Life Support/Healthcare Provider (American Heart Association) 8 March 2003 [Western Region CA TC 1384]
8.  Health & Safety Services Instructor - CPR/AED/First Aid (R.06) (American Red Cross) 14 July 2006 [Santa Monica Chapter, Greater Los Angeles Chapter, & Mile High Colorado Chapter]

9. Fundamentals of Instructor Training (American Red Cross) 10 July 2006 [Santa Monica Chapter]

Non-instructor courses:
10. Standard First Aid (ARC) 29 Sept. 1995, 29 Nov. 1997
11. Cummunity CPR (ARC) 22 Nov 1997
12. Workplace CPR/AED course (ARC) 2000
13. Workplace First Aid course (ARC) 2000
14. Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Education Forum/course by Marjelee Murrell (Beverly Hills CPR-AHA) 22 June 1998
15. Community First Aid & Safety (ARC) 23 Oct 2000
16. Adult, Infant, and Child CPR (ARC) 23 Oct 2000
17. Course A-Heartsaver (AHA) 28 Feb. 1992
18. Basic Life Support B/Adult & Pediatric Heartsaver (AHA) Oct 1991, 8 July 1993
19. Olympic Sport Safety Training (ARC) 29 Nov 1997
20. Basic CERT Training (CERT Community Emergency Response Team), 07 Jun 2003

21. Basic CPR & First Aid for Adults (Medic First Aid Training Program), 17 Nov 2006

American Heart Association Affiliation 
Beverly Hills CPR, CA - Arizona AHA, AR - Robal CPR Training Center, Hacienda/La Puente Adult Education, CA 

American Red Cross Affiliation
Mile High Chapter, CO - Greater Los Angeles Chapter, CA  - Del Amo Chapter, CA - Santa Monica Chapter, CA

Attended the 1996 (N.A.C.) National Aerobic Championship-Champ Camp V- Los Angeles, CA

Continue Education Provider:
American Council on Exercise (ACE) under Ballys & Executive World Fitness

Continue Education Credits/Units (CEC/CEU):
-AFAA = Aerobic & Fitness Association of America
-ACE = American Council on Exercise (formally IDEA)
-API = Aerobic Pipeline International
-ACSM = American College of Sports Medicine
-BNAP = Ballys Nautilus Aerobics Plus

1. Reebok University, Reebok Flexible Strength by Kathy Stevens (.8 AFAA CEUs)
2. Reebok University, Slide Reebok Basic Training by Kathy Stevens (.4 ACE CECs/4 AFAA CEUs)
3. Choreography Clinic by Linette Savage (.2 API & ACE CECs)
4. Creative Floorwork by Linette Savage (.2 API & ACE CECs)
5. National Aerobic Certification by Linette Savage (.7 ACE CECs)
6. Personal Training & Strength Training by Priscilla Malley (.9 API & ACE CECs)
7. Exercise During Pregnancy & The Postnatal Period by Susan Krohnfeldt, RPT (.3 ACE CECs)
8. Basic Concepts of Nutrition by Lisa Cozzolino, RD (.2 ACE CECs)
9. Basic Concepts of Nutrition by Joseph F. Reza, RD (.2 ACE CECs)
10. Safe Step by Corri Sae-Saue (.2 ACE CECs)
11. Basic Step Training by Corri Sae-Saue (3 NAP CECs)
12. Kinesiology & Biomechanics of Exercise by Vic Harding, MA (.3 ACE CECs)
13. Strength Training & Conditioning by Vic Harding, MA (.3 ACE CECs)
14. Science of Exercise, Anatomy & Physiology by Roger Taillon, PT (.3 ACE CECs)
15. L.A. Power Step Reebok by Leigh Spennewyn (.3 BNAP CECs)
16. Ballys Health & Tennis Personal Training Program by Bob Kline, MS (1.2 BNAP CECs)
17. Armed and Powerful by Patricia Carothers (.2 ACE CECs)
18. Practical Teaching Skills by Merrily Smith (5 AFAA CEUs)
19. Boxaerobics Exercise Workshop by Thomas "The Promise" T. (3.5 AFAA CEUs)
20. ACSM Health & Fitness Instructor Workshop by Professor Bibi (31 ACSM CECs)
21. Weight Training Certification by Tim Joya (10 AFAA CEUs)
22. Choreography & the Art of Variation by Brett Kelly (.3 IDEA CECs/3 AFAA CEUs)
23. Successfully Marketing a Small Business by Sandra Goodwin, President, Management Associates (Sponsored by Staples)
1. Ballys Total Fitness, Young Production (shown as a workout member)
2. California Athletic Club (shown as a workout member)
3. Alvas Dance Studio, AMC Movie Theatre Preview (shown as an aerobics instructor)
4. Pasadena Tribune Article (newspaper)
5. Pasadena Weekly Article (newspaper)
6. Bally's News (newsletter)
7. Palos Verdes Peninsula News (newspaper)
8. AMA News (newsletter)
9. West End Racquet & Health Club (newsletter)





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