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Welcome to Executive World Fitness Association (EWFA). EWFA is an exclusive private fitness organization which offers services to corporations, businesses & studios, as well as, private homes. EWFA provides CPR, AED, First Aid & Safety classes; Personal Fitness Training Services; Life-Style Change Recommendations; and Fitness Seminars.


Comments from Co-workers, Employees, Clients, and Associates about Snake Blocker & Executive World Fitness & Staff:

"Snake, you are awesome!" - Dolly Zachary, Former L.A. Laker's Golden Girl, 2002 Palos Verdes, CA (EWF member)

[To Snake] "Thanks for the Pump!"  - Rick Dees, Radio DJ, 1991 Rowland Heights, CA

"To Snake, NAP #1 Most Qualified!" - Richard Blade, Radio DJ, 1994 Torrance, CA

"To Snake, From one World Champion to another." - Ronie Colen, Body Building World Champion, 2002 New Jersey

"I have been a satified client of Snake Blocker for over two years. He has turned this non-motivated workout person into an active runner. I've lost the excess fat and I completed my first Marathon with him. This was due to the consistant personal training and motivation. Blocker never let me quit. To date, I've completed the New York Marathon, the LA Marathon, the Catalina Island Marathon, and several other Marathons and 1/2 Marathons."
-Jeff Tidus, 2004 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“Blocker is one of the Best Fitness Managers there is in our region. Working with him is very helpful. Whenever I have a question I can always rely on the correct information. Administrative work is always ON, never an error. He was an Area Supervisor until his position was deleted. He is overly qualified for the Fitness Manager position that is why he is able to manage two clubs with ease. Vito [my brother] and I have both learned about becoming an Operations Manager from him. He is able to put together any program or contest with great success, and is able to get along with all of the employees."
-Adam Allessandro, 1993
Bally's Operations Manager, Montebello, CA

"I have worked with Blocker for the last 2 1/2 years. As a fellow employee and under his supervision as an Area Fitness Supervisor, Blocker is fair, organized, and very motivating. He is very knowledgeable in this field, and has helped me grow and become a stronger manager. I feel Blocker is an asset to this company, and know he would be great for other positions."
-Debbie Little, 12/8/93
Bally's Fitness Manager, Newport Beach, CA

"I have known Blocker for the past year and found him to be very helpful to me in the increase of Club Corporate Sales, as well as, the Club Sales far as, helping with promotions, and the training of the Club's service staff. I find him to be a very determined individual who always strives to do better and to meet new challenges and positions with the Bally's Corporation."
-Florella Barragato, 1993
Bally's Corporate Sales Rep, Irvine, CA

"I am excited to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Blocker. I have worked with Blocker for 1 1/2 years. Through this time, he has worked as a Supervisor and a Fitness Manager. As an Aerobic Coordinator, I had both positive feedback and good direction from Blocker. He was always there to address each of my needs. I have also worked with Blocker as a peer. His consistent hard work and effort are obvious at the club level, and he is also a strong leader among his employees and his peers. If there is one quality about Blocker that stands out, it is his willingness and determination to succeed. He is always positive about his efforts, even when everyone else is negative. He is very supportive of the Corporation's goals and provides teamwork amongst the club staff in order to meet these goals. I am confident that Blocker will be a top candidate for other positions being offered. His qualifications precede him."
-Sue Sutherland, 1993
Bally's Fitness Manger, Puente Hills, CA

"I have known Blocker for approximately a year and a half. He has been both my Colleague and my Supervisor. During our association, Blocker has impressed me with his knowledge of Health and Fitness and his unparallel dedication to his work. Blocker is an asset to this Company and would be an excellent choice for the Holiday Spa Service Director Position."
-Erick Harmon, 12/8/93
Bally's Fitness Manger, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Let me take this opportunity to tell you about a young man by the name of Blocker, who I had the pleasure to work with as my Area Supervisor at the San Bernardino Bally's Nautilus Aerobics Plus health club. Blocker is a "down to earth" person with a positive direction as to what he wants to achieve at the work industry. Blocker's knowledge of the job, consistency regarding fellow employee relations, and positive attitude towards the quality of his work has gained him much respect from those who have worked with him. Blocker would be an asset to any industry that he chose to work with."
-Ray DiGiacomo, Oct. 14, 1993
Bally's Fitness Manager, San Bernardino, CA

"Blocker has been a very consistent and determined worker. In the two years that I've been associated with him, he has shown what dedication and persistency can evolve into. Not only has he excelled in the Fitness Manager position at one club, but has (and is) accepted and conquered the same success running/operating 2 clubs. And because I know the duties of the job, I must say or accentuate on his persistency to have the ability to perform well at those clubs. Futhermore, Blocker is not satisfied with mediocrity. He wants to get the job done properly, weather it concerns teaching a CPR seminar or moving locations. He takes it all in stride with Pride."
-James E. Weatherspoon, 1993
Bally's Fitness Manager, Los Angeles, CA 

Executive World Fitness Association Clients: * Hope D.M., President of Compuhope * Danny N., President of  Niemann Properties * Bob R., President of Junior Blind of America * Dorothy M., President of Tapestry * Jan M., President of J.J. Clothing Co. * Jeff T., President of Child Play Toy Stores * Risty W., President of Admiral Risty Restaurant * Mike K., President of Jamik Construction * Jay & Lillian T., President of Slightly Different * Teri T., President of SuperKids Gymnastics & Dance * Leslie G., President of Jazzy Gym * Bill R., Film Director with Paramount & Miramax 

Companies/Organizations which Executive World Fitness donated to: St John Fisher Parish School, Palos Verdes Little Leauge, Salvation Army Cresmont College, Rolling Hills Covenant Church, TNT Singles, Palos Verdes Basket Ball Booster Club, Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce, Rolling Hills City, Palos Verdes Beach & Athletic Club




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