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Welcome to Executive World Fitness Association (EWFA). EWFA is an exclusive private fitness organization which offers services to corporations, businesses & studios, as well as, private homes. EWFA provides CPR, AED, First Aid & Safety classes; Personal Fitness Training Services; Life-Style Change Recommendations; and Fitness Seminars.


Executive World Fitess Mission Statement:
Executive World Fitness (EWF) has a goal and prime focus to enrich the quality in people's lives through health and fitness. It is an organization dedicated to keeping an attraction for effective cross-training formats, which will appeal to all levels of fitness enthusiasts, as well as, the non-active person. EWF uses motivation and education to help the client feel good about what they are doing to improve. The clients are taught about the components of physical fitness through a variety of training, workshops, seminars, and certification programs.

Executive World Fitness Vision Statement:
Executive World Fitness (EWF) has a vision to:
Personal train 1000 new clients every year;
Host Health & Fitness seminars with all the top names in the industry;
Certify 1000 people every year in CPR, Frist Aid, Personal Training, and Aerobics;
Expand the EWF product line to 100 items;
Franchise at leat 1 studio in every state;
And to help more clients attain their goals every year.

Executive World Fitness Top 3 Recommendations 
Rule #1 - Drink Water before, during, & after exercise. Rule #2 - Quit Smoking.   Rule #3
- Exercise at least 3 hours per week.





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